The Eric Scherbarth Leukemia Research Foundation Inc (ESLRF) was founded in 2017 to create a legacy for our brother and friend, Eric Scherbarth, who lost a courageous two-year fight to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2017 at age 29.  Throughout his battle, Eric was very passionate about Leukemia Research and he understood the impact that blood cancer has on not only the patients' life, but the lives of the families.  The Foundation is built on the selflessness of others in the hope to advance blood cancer research and support patients and families affected by Leukemia and other forms of blood cancer. 


There is one person diagnosed with a form of blood cancer approximately every 3 minutes.  Blood cancers, including Leukemia, continue to be one of the more prevalent forms of cancer.  Although blood cancer research has continued to improve survival rates in the United States. We are passionate in continuing that progression in hopes of one day being able to live without the fear of cancer.  All proceeds go directly to helping blood cancer patients and their families in the areas of research and support.


Our mission is to raise awareness of the need to continue advancement in blood cancer research and to help fund those advancements.  We are committed to raising money through donations and fundraising events to contribute to other non-profit organizations who participate in blood cancer research, such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  


When an individual is diagnosed with any form of cancer, there are a million thoughts going through his or her head.  One of those thoughts is generally not the financial impacts of the upcoming treatments that are necessary to fight the fight.   Our goal is to help those patients that are in need, either through emotional support or financial support.  

Eric was well aware of the high costs associated with medications in today's environment and especially those required to fight against blood cancer.  He also knew that his family had wonderful employers who were able to provide them with the necessary medical coverage to continue his fight.  That is, however, not the case for many other families that are affected by Leukemia or other forms of blood cancer. 

We plan to help make a difference in a patients life.  Our hope is that our support  can help make a difference in patients' lives, whether it is simply bringing them gifts to bring a smile to their face, or helping lift the financial burden from them and their families such as through gift cards for groceries.