Gifts to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Some of you may remember that…

Last year, around the Holiday’s, the Foundation put together gifts for cancer patients that were spending the holidays at the UW-Hospital. We couldn’t believe the overwhelming number of responses we received during the weeks and months following. A number of patients, and their loved ones, expressed how something as simple as gift cards were able to provide that extra bit of happiness during a time of need.

In keeping with our mission, to help local cancer patients and their families, the Foundation decided to do something similar this holiday season. In addition to the contributions we made to support cancer research, earlier this year, the Foundation was able to fund gift cards for the oncology unit of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, valued at $4,800!

Although we know these gifts cannot erase the hardships these families are enduring, we do hope that they can help buy that last Christmas present or simply help fund everyday needs.

As always, we wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of all of you. We had another successful year, and we are looking forward to doing more in early 2019.

Kyle FerchComment